Rebuild the World with the Green City Build.

LEGO® fever will hit with the Green City Challenge Build. This event will offer hands on building with designated building tables to provide consumer friendly play areas which will deliver an engaging, entertaining and fun experience for families. Scroll down the page to print off your booking form.  

  • Large rectangular tables (provided by the venue) covered in long black cloths will be positioned down either side of the area.

  • Masses of green LEGO bricks provided by Moore Educational will be placed in the middle of the tables in large blue tubs.  

  • Families will be given one 25cm X 25cm green LEGO base plate to build their green city.  

  • There will be a limit of 50 people designing and constructing their part of the green city challenge at any one time.  

  • On completion of building the LEGO base plates will be put together on a central area to display the green city.  

  • The base plates and LEGO bricks are to remain the property of Moore Educational.

Please complete a booking form here.