Kai's Clan 4 Robot Starter Pack, Mat & Lessons


Kai’s Clan is a place where the physical and the virtual worlds merge to become an interactive learning playground. Make, create and enrich your student’s learning with Kai’s Augmented Reality. The 35 lesson plans and comprehensive online teacher training and support will enable your students to code their robots to navigate the mat in real life, in real-time, wherever they are in the world.  At the same time their 3D characters collaborate in a virtual environment. 

With Kai’s Clan it is easy to use different sensors, simply just plug into the back of your Kai robot and the data will be sent to your Kai’s Clan Blockly, then simply export the data to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and analyze and graph the data.

4x Kai Robots (rechargeable batteries included – 4 hrs play with 1 hr fast charge time)

1x Rescue Run AR VR Adventure Mat (1 x 1 meter tough & durable neoprene)

1x Smartphone Tripod (smartphone for tracking robots not included)

Kai Bit Sensor Pack Includes: Temperature, Humidity, Motion, LED, Button, Infrared receiver, Infrared remote, LED Matrix, Potentiometer, LED Strip

4-way USB Charging Cable

Sticker Pack

Kai’s Coding Cards Packs

Quick Start Guide

Various spare parts

Kai’s Eye Robot Tracker app available for download in the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Kai’s AR VR Virtual Viewer app available for download in the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Plus includes over 35 education lesson plans


CONTAINS: elements
(Note: This Price Does Not Include GST)