SPIKE Essential X 5 for 10 students. SAVE.


Includes:5 X 45345

 SPIKE Essential for Grade 1-4
Build confidence from icon to word block coding 
45345 LEGO® Education SPIKE™  Essential Set, App & Curriculum (for 2 students)

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential ignites primary school students’ passion for STEAM learning and CODING through playful problem solving, preparing them to be resilient, creative, independent thinkers.
SPIKE Essential combines icon and Scratch-based block coding with motors, sensors and LEGO bricks to bring STEAM concepts to life. Students brainstorm and develop creative solutions through trial and error while collaborating with peers.

Part of the LEGO Learning System, SPIKE Essential engages students in hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while integrating into literacy, maths, and social-emotional development. 
The set includes 449 LEGO elements, storage box, trays and Spare Part box:
•        1 Intelligent Hub,
•        2  X Small Motors
•        1 X Light Matrix
•        1 X Colour Sensor
•        1 x Rechargeable battery
(charges inside the Hub via USB cable and any USB charging station)
•        Bluetooth classic 4.2 and low energy 4.2

SPIKE App & 5 SPIKE™ Essential Curriculum Units : Incorporated in the SPIKE App there are 5 curriculum aligned learning units with fun themes. The students are guided to build solutions and solve problems through storytelling. There are 35 lessons including guided and open-ended coding and building experiences. Comprehensive teaching resources ensure successful learning outcomes and hands on minds on experiences promote confident lifelong learners.

•        Great Adventures (grade 1-2)
•        Amazing Amusement Park (1-2)
•        Happy Traveler (grade 3-4)
•        Crazy Carnival Games (3-4)
•        Quirky Creations (3-4)
SPIKE Essential Factsheet.

CONTAINS: 449 elements
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