LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set

PRODUCT CODE: 45681 AGE: 10+ DESCRIPTION: NEW LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set

Add this set to 45678 SPIKE Prime Set. The new Maker Plate element enables users to easily integrate single board computing devices like Raspberry Pi computers into their SPIKE Prime creations. This set includes;
603 elements, large wheels, banana gears, a color sensor and a large motor. This add-on will inspire students to build more advanced models and prepare them for the challenging world of robotics competitions.

Raspberry Pi
Combining SPIKE Prime with Raspberry Pi, will inspire students to explore more advanced creations and continue to nurture their interest in Machine learning. This brings in new high ceiling learning opportunities and encourage students to combine different products. The Raspberry Pi Build HAT will be available through Raspberry Pi’s authorized reseller network.

CONTAINS: 603 elements
(Note: This Price Does Not Include GST)